V5 update and other issues

1- Update issue:
I tried to update from v5.2.15 on ubuntu 20.04 but I get this error
I used this command from inside the ninja v5 folder
sudo -u www-data git pull
I got this error
fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

2- Product count doesn’t decrease when I use it
also would be great to have product that has unlimited count services or mark a product as service so the count doesn’t decrease

I don’t know if this consider a feature request
1- Expense report needs to be filtered
per month and also not paid expenses per vendor

2- add anything to existing draft (consolidating invoices)
- recurring invoice to be added to existing draft if exist
- expense to be added to existing draft if exists


  1. Did you install the app from GitHub?

  2. The product default quantity set the quantity in the invoice, it doesn’t keep count. We’re considering adding an inventory feature in the future.

  3. The reports can be filtered by any column in v5

  4. Not sure I understand this but you can request features by creating issues here:

Thank you for your fast response

1- I installed v5 using this guide

and downloaded it from this page

2-I wish that inventory to be added soon, or at least for the mean time the product count decreases when I use it in invoice.

3- when I create report I added payment date and I can filter with that but I need to filter the not paid vendors - same like filter column in excel and select to view blank cells only

4- when I create invoice from Quotes, expenses or recurring expense I want to be able to add to existing invoice draft if there’s one for the same client

Ex. when you select expenses and click create invoice and at the same time I have an existing invoice draft for the client the system should ask me "do you want to add to existing invoice draft or create a new one). Also if I have multiple invoice drafts for the same client I want to be able to select them and merge them into one invoice.

Thanks for the feedback!

You can click the plus icon in the lower right column to add expenses to invoices.

Thank you for the quick response!

that answers #4 and it’s missing the expense markup if I want to add to the expense.

what about #1 updating invoice ninja v5.2.15?

@david any thoughts on this error above when updating?

@hillel @johnw

It sounds like git wasn’t used to install the application. In which case the internal updater should work if the permissions are correct.

@david @hillel

from the server interface I click on the bottom right notification triangle that says
update available
An update of the web app is available
Current version: 5.2.15
Latest version 5.2.19 it

but it give me this error
Can’t update the system services.php not writable

Also if you can point me to how to install invoice ninja via git, that will be great.

This may be due to a artisan command being run by a non-www user.

You’ll need to chown bootstrap/cache to the webuser and then try again.

I checked bootstrap/cache and it’s owned by the webuser.

also I found the instructions to do install v5 using git in this page

I created a new folder and used the git part from the instructions above but it gives me http error when I try to view any pdf
also I tried to do force update I got this error
Cannot update system because routes-v7.php is not writable

All folders chown to webuser

Noted that the zip file from this link doesn’t have the .git folder

The GIT installation requires many more dependencies than the ZIP installer, and I do not have those dependencies for Ubuntu documented. But you may be able to do it just by installing and running Composer, and Node/npm, as they are described in the RHEL guide.

I can say that you will need to run composer and node/npm steps on the GIT installation, or it will not package chromium-headless, which is required for PDFs. That’s all included in the ZIP so you don’t need to run composer or node/npm on the ZIP

You cannot force updates with the GIT installation either, only on Ubuntu, and with the ZIP installation, as the built in update feature is tied into the ZIP package. The ZIP package probably doesn’t need the GIT folder. The GIT package is basically source code, and the ZIP package is prepared in advance for the Ubuntu platform

I created a new folder and used the zipped file from github but it gives me http error when I try to view any pdf or even edit or add invoices, quotes or anything that was solved by reuploading the company logo which doesn’t make sense

Also I checked the bootstrap/cache and found a couple of files owned by root even though I chown -R webuser:webuser invoice_ninja_folder

now I have another issue as I applied the license I just bought a couple of days ago and had to restore the vm to an earlier date before I apply the license and I don’t have a record of that license.

how to get the license back?

If you received an email with an invoice it will be shown on the invoice PDF, otherwise you can email us at contact@invoiceninja.com and we can look it up for you.

everything working smoothly waiting on the inventory part.

the new issue I’m facing now is when I email invoices it sends only to the 1st contact that was added to the client profile, it doesn’t send to all emails on the client profile.

I’m on version v5.3.0
ubuntu 20.04

Can you confirm all of the contacts are checked on the edit invoice page.

got it, I think it would be great if it’s also viewed on the email invoice

If I’m understanding correctly I think it already is. If multiple contacts are checked you should see all of their names in the ‘To’ section at the top of the ‘Send Email’ page.

I see the emails on the to section when I click email invoice. What I mean is if I want send invoice to another email not a contact for the client or just added to the client after the invoice was created.

Also in my case I added another contact to the client profile after I emailed an invoice so I can’t edit the invoice anymore but if there is an option to add email to invoice while sending it even after the invoice is locked.

Thanks for the details, understood.