V5: Invoice Customization: How to align footer to bottom of page?

I’m trying to align some footer customizations at the bottom of the pages. What would be the method for accomplishing this?

For example, I currently have an invoice design that looks like the following in non-draft (PDF) mode, which is the look I’m going for:

To do this I’m inserting the following CSS:

    #footer {
        margin-top: 15rem;

I thought that I should use a bottom alignment instead here, but no matter what I’ve tried thus far it ends up not showing up properly and aligned with the bottom of the page.

How would you handle a footer bottom alignment such that it stays anchored at the bottom of pages?


@ben can you please help here?

I believe we’ve seen this issue before, if you could please add the solution here it would be helpful.


Thanks so much guys - While this is not entirely related: I also shared a private support request with a video via the system since I didn’t want to share the specific info in it. Hoping you might be able to share a snippet as well for that. The gist is trying to keep the top product / services / items table header in a fixed position while fiddling around with the upper fields. Overall I’m working off of an existing designing that I’ve been using for many years and have too many envelopes that match the layout to change now… :slight_smile:

This was requested previously and I always try to convince people that this is not a good solution & it shouldn’t be used. It’s not reliable, content may overlap, etc.

However, if you still want to do it, here’s how you can:

@hillel You’re right :wink: I posted a response back in March to solve this - see Footer at the bottom of the page - #6 by brackenhill-mob

@ylluminate This should do what you want

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