Updating v4 on Shared Hosting

This thread is created to give persons details on how to do the process while on shared hosting. Some of these things came up while discussing between v4/v5 details - so the information is moved here. Original details and assistance thanks to @hillel and @david - keep up the good work!

So here’s the thing. Some shared hosting providers do not allow “proc_open” and this is needed for updating. Normally you’d just overwrite all files and then keep your ENV file or change the settings in the updated one - but for providers that block “proc_open” this will cause the site to break.

On another note - related - providers seem to be moving from PHP 7.1/7.2 and up to a minimum of 7.3. This is most likely due to security - plus technology moves forward. Please bear in mind that you need PHP 7.3 as 7.4 or higher gives errors with v4 (4.5.39 as of this post).

Here’s the steps to follow.

  • Backup your database.
  • Export your settings (just in case).
  • Remove 2FA (if enabled). You can put it back when done.
  • Rename the current folder (ninja) to something else (ninja.old).
  • Download and extract the current v4.
  • Create your usual working folder (ninja).
  • Upload your extracted updated v4 to the folder (ninja).
  • Go through the setup process - but point the database settings to the existing DB.
    • You may use all of your original credentials/passwords.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Verify everything is working.
  • Setup 2FA once more if you had it before.
    • Or set it up just because.

That’s it! Hoping more experienced users will chime in if I missed something. Will also post this information on my site and link to it - will add photos later on once I get the chance. Hopefully this helps someone out. Further discussions can be had if needs be.

If you’re installing on a shared host then you may also review stuff in this thread below.

Thanks @david for the like. I’ve also put the details on my site since we’ve resolved this on v4. Link is below. Just let me know if there’s any correction to be done. Hoping to get details on v5 up if possible.