Update v5.1.25 to 5.3.1

Hi Everyone!
I am currently running on v5.1.25 and trying to update to the latest version (v5.3.1). For the current installation I followed this tutorial here.
I remember that the web update is not working with the version I am currently running, but I cannot find the link where a solution was provided and the search also brought not any good solution to me.

Here is what I thought in my head would work:

  1. Create backup of database with mysqldump to not loose any customer data and invoices (done)
  2. Copy the whole directory of current Invoice Ninja installation (done)
  3. Download current v5.3.1 version and copy over the existing files
  4. Check if everything works

Is that the right way without loosing data? I also want to be feature proof to use the web update functionality with new releases.

Has anybody some tips for me on how I can manage it to upgrade to v5.3.1 or can link me a manual upgrade guide?
Thanks for any help!



That should work. For future update you should be able to use the built-in app update system.

Note: the main things to backup are the database, the .env file and any uploaded documents.


Thanks @hillel, copying over the files worked fine. Although h I experienced a 500 error afterwards.

If someone struggles with the same problem, these were the steps I took to resolve the issue and get InvoiceNinja running again:

  1. Remove everything from bootstrap/cache - In my case there were 4 files (config.php packages.php routes-v7.php services.php)
  2. Run php artisan migrate (confirm with y if production) → Application was working again. :star_struck:
  3. Disable debug from .env (if enabled)
  4. Run php artisan optimize

After those steps everything was working again without problems.

Hope that helps someone sometimes :slight_smile: