Update to 5.0.41 - how?

Hi there,

i read about some resolved issues in my version .39 and would like to update to .41.
If i use the link in the lower left menu, i can click update and fill in my password, but nothing happens.
Log shows:
[2021-01-03 00:45:22] production.INFO: Are there changes to pull? 1
[2021-01-03 00:45:23] production.INFO: Command 'git pull ’ failed (exit-code 1).
Whats wrong, can i pull manually and what commands would follow php artisan otimize / migrate?

Regards Java-Jim


What method did you use to setup the app?


i followed this instructions: Install Invoice Ninja v5 on Ubuntu 20.04
I am running a ubuntu 20.04 lxc container on pve.
As no pdf were generated, i have run the snappdf download command and
I had to sudo apt install libgbm1 as the local-chromium won’t start without a missing lib.

Hey there.

There’s an About icon in the bottom left of the admin panel.


Have you managed to solve the issue with Chromium not starting or still need help with that one?


Yes, i went this way over About, Update, Password - But then it reloads the page and nothing happens.

Chromium worked after installing libgbm1. Set Phantompdf to false and PDF are now showing.

All right, awesome.

@hillel @david any help regarding the failed update?

The update process does a simple git pull from the v5-stable branch of the application, so as long as you have git installed and the directory is owned by the web user it should work.

I got this Error “Please commit your changes or stash them before you merge.” So i did a git stash and was able to git pull without errors. I´m on v5.0.43-C37 so it´s all fine. Thank you.