Self hosted GoCardless - automatic payment

Hi all

At the moment, I have GoCardless subscriptions set up separately from my InvoiceNinja install as I didn’t think it would be possible for InvoiceNinja to autobill through GoCardless. However, it’s getting difficult to keep track of which payments are for which invoices.

I’m looking at the docs now and it seems that InvoiceNinja does allow for automatic billing from GoCardless to take immediate payment for recurring invoices. Is this the case?



That’s correct, we support auto billing with GoCardless.

Let me know if you need help setting it up.

Thanks Hillel - I’ve set GoCardless up and I’ve just had a client pay for their recurring Invoice. Do they need to “Opt in” like they do with Stripe for payments to automatically hit GoCardless? Or will this just happen automatically in the future on the date that their recurring invoice is raised?



They’re slightly different, with GoCardless your client pays on the GoCardless site so they wouldn’t see the ‘opt in’ option in Invoice Ninja.

If auto bill is set to always on the recurring invoice it should auto bill.

Note: we don’t support using Stripe alongside GoCardless.

Perfect, thanks - I’ve now set the client’s Auto Bill field to “Always” so hopefully it will kick in next month.

Am I best deleting the Stripe gateway if I’m using GoCardless? Just added Stripe in to give clients a range of ways to pay!

Yes, for GoCardless auto billing to work you’ll need to archive the Stripe gateway.

In the latest version the app should prevent adding both gateways together.

Thanks. One final question - if I have a client set up on GoCardless auto-bill but then I need to invoice for a one-off piece of work that is on 30 days terms and shouldn’t go through Direct Debit is there a way to do that?

Only recurring invoices are auto billed, standard invoices are not.

Hello all, I had gocardless & stripe so after reading this I did remove Stripe gateway so auto-billing for my recuring invoice works. But it’s not generating the paiement in gocardless, i don’t understand because I did:

  • Check that the gocardless client where added from the pay button of invoice ninja
  • It is a recuring invoice
  • settings are good in parameters > online paiement
  • settings are good on the recuring invoice, auto-billing set to always
    I am self hosting invoice nina and everything is up to dateV 4.5.11
    Any ideas?
    thanks a lot

Hello, does anyone face this as well?

We have clients in Europe whom we want to auto-charge using gocardless because the fees are lower and many companies refuse to pay with credit card.

We also have clients in the US and Australia who need the credit card option.

Since Stripe and gocardless apparently can’t be used together, is there an option to use auto-charging by credit cards and by direct debit (like gocardless) in parallel?

So please help. As i understand right, to have autobilling with GoCardless it is only possible with recuring invoice?
So my customers get every Month a different invoice. So autobilling is not possible?

Thanks for answer

v1 does not support using Stripe and GoCardless together, this will be fixed in v2.

Maybe you can create a recurring invoice and update the amount each month?

Hy Hillel, thanks.
Is it planned that autobilling for normal invoices?

You can manually charge a normal invoice with a card on file, I’m not sure how auto-billing would work though?

yes i know, but this must do the customer and its not automated?

I guess in the future it’s possible we could add an option to auto-bill standard invoices on their due date. We don’t have immediate plans to add this though.

This would be great!!!