Scheduler is not sending and generating recurring invoices

Hi there,

I asked earlier few questions about running recurring invoices sending and generating on Slack. It seems like scheduler should run generation of recurring invoices. Sadly for me it’s not working as intended. New invoices are not showing after run of scheduler. Command php artisan ninja:send-recurring is working. No related logs in laravel.logs.

Schedule is working too, returning two types of answers:

No scheduled commands are ready to run.
Running scheduled command: App\Jobs\Util\SchedulerCheck

Version of Invoice Ninja: v5.1.49 / Shared Hosting

Suddenly, recurring invoices job started after adding artisan queue:work as another cron command.
I followed docs: Free Open-Source Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja

Running scheduled command: App\Jobs\Cron\RecurringInvoicesCron