Recurring Invoices send on specific date of each month every month

Im having a issue where recurring invoice are being sent out one day up from the original start date. So if I set the 1st of the month to sent out, The first one goes out on the 1st, next month it send on the 2nd, following month goes out on the 3rd, and so on. Which forces me to reset the start date once thing become too off.

How can i just set it to send a specific date every month?

I have the same issue. Hillel suggested:

I adjusted the cron run-time, and the database, we will see what happens this month.

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I have my cron running at 6am Chicago time. I cant figure out what else I can do

I suggest trying to run the cron later in the day

Same problem again this month. The recurring invoices set to go out every three months were created and sent. The monthly invoices did not.

If we run ninja/artisan ninja:send-reminders multiple times during the day, will our monthly invoices go out on the 1st?

Have you tried running the cron towards the end of the day?

I could move it, but it seems like that would just delay billing by another day.

Any chance we can get this fixed in v5 ?

If you move it later in the day it should fix the problem and still send on the same day.

This will be completely rewritten in v5 so this problem should most likely by fixed.