Pdf.min.js issue with 5.3.61

I’ve recently purchased a white label licence, and I’ve been sending emails in to InvoiceNinja, but my queries has not been answered.

The client portal does not load properly, invoices are unable to view. The port number, which is 80, will be automatically added to the URL - (https://sub.domain.tld:80/client) which does not make sense.

I’m using Nginx Proxy manager, on a docker installation. I’ve configured everything accordingly to the recommended settings.

REQUIRE_HTTPS returns true.

This issue has been reported before, but I’m unable to find any fixes to this.
Link to the topic: https://forum2.invoiceninja.com/t/pdf-min-js-issue-with-5-3-40/9372

Need help on this, have been trying out everything I could for the past 4 days.

Anyone with a solution on this? @hillel ?

@david any thoughts?


I’m not sure what is happening here, but I believe this is all pointing to a configuration issue with your proxying.

The first glaring issue is the fact that the system is attempting to force https on port 80, from my understanding you’ll want to terminate the SSL at the proxy layer and then can use port 80 from the proxy to your webserver.

This may require setting REQUIRE_HTTPS=false in the env

Thanks @david its indeed a configuration issue on my proxy.
I’ve solved the issue.