Payment button not working in V5

The “payment button” doesn’t seem to work. It’s the button you get with the invoice after you press the invoice link. If you click on it you only get the option via creditcard, but this isn’t even configured.

Here a link to a video showing it in Chrome:

The payment gateway is Mollie and I only configured iDeal and Sepa transfer.

My questions are:

  1. Is this because V5 doesn’t support those payments methods?
  2. Why is the creditcard option shown while not even configured as payments option?
  3. When will Mollie iDeal transactions be supported again in V5?

The primary reason I have chosen InvoiceNinja was the support for iDeal payments in Mollie. It is really discomforting to me that it is not in V5 yet.


@david @ben any thoughts?