Missing Country


if I edit the payment gateway, I can activate “Billing Address”. But this one is missing the Country. There’s only at “Shipping Address” available.

btw. don’t forget, that the country is relevant in case of possible payment methods

@Raki thanks, for picking this up.


@david should we add the field in the admin portal UI as an option as well?

One more thing:

On the payment gateway settings, it’s still this one activated:

“Billing Address” forced to use this entry on clients side:

But in my country (Germany), there’s no Apartment/Suite Address.

Any way to disable that?

This is resolved in the next release.

Both? Missing Country plus disabling Apt/Suite?

Not the country, but the apt/suite is now optional.

Ah ok, thanks.

Can you hit me, if that released too?

If I’m correct, the Country-thing is fixed right now?

looks like it is there now… @ben did you add this in?

I haven’t changed any of this, past 2 weeks at least.