Issue in product-table display

I have a big issue with price calculation in “product-table” below the product items on quotes and invoices. This is what it displays:

Subtotal 297,50 EUR
VAT 25%: 74,38 EUR
Paid on time: 0,00 EUR
TOTAL: 297,50 EUR

The TOTAL should include the VAT: 371,99 EUR
Surprisingly, everywhere else in InvoiceNinja, the totals are displayed correctly, but not at the generated PDFs.
I use my own template, that is made as a duplicate of the default one (Clean). Is this a known bug in v5.3.9-C59, or if not - how could I resolve this? Thanks.


Can you check if you have inclusive taxes enabled on Settings > Tax Settings.

In the latest version this can be adjusted in the settings tab on the edit invoice page.

Invoice Tax Rates: One Tax Rate
Item Tax Rates: Disabled
Inclusive Taxes: OFF
Default Tax Rate: 25%

Is it possible the setting was enabled in the past/do you see the same problem when you creating a new invoice?

The setting was not enabled in the past and I could replicate the same issue with the new quotes/invoices.

This is how it looks on the generated PDF:

Above the line items, it states correctly the Total amount that includes the taxes. Below the line item, it states Subtotals TWICE (950,00 HRK), but there is no trace of the real TOTAL that includes the taxes.

Here’s the HTML of the above render:

<div class="totals-table-right-side" dir="ltr">
    <div><span data-state="encoded-html" data-ref="totals_table-subtotal-label">&lt;p&gt;Sveukupno&lt;/p&gt; </span><span data-state="encoded-html" data-ref="totals_table-subtotal">&lt;p&gt;950,00 HRK&lt;/p&gt; </span></div>
    <div><span data-state="encoded-html" data-ref="totals-table-total_tax_1-label">&lt;p&gt;VAT 25%&lt;/p&gt; </span><span data-state="encoded-html" data-ref="totals-table-total_tax_1">&lt;p&gt;237,50 HRK&lt;/p&gt; </span></div>
    <div><span data-state="encoded-html" data-ref="totals_table-outstanding-label">&lt;p&gt;Stanje duga&lt;/p&gt; </span><span data-state="encoded-html" data-ref="totals_table-outstanding">&lt;p&gt;1.187,50 HRK&lt;/p&gt; </span></div>
    <div><span data-state="encoded-html" data-ref="totals_table-paid_to_date-label">&lt;p&gt;Plaćeno na vrijeme&lt;/p&gt; </span><span data-state="encoded-html" data-ref="totals_table-paid_to_date">&lt;p&gt;0,00 HRK&lt;/p&gt; </span></div>
    <div><span data-state="encoded-html" data-ref="totals_table-subtotal-label">&lt;p&gt;Sveukupno&lt;/p&gt; </span><span data-state="encoded-html" data-ref="totals_table-subtotal">&lt;p&gt;950,00 HRK&lt;/p&gt; </span></div>

Could be that the last line <div>&nbsp;</div> should contain the Grand Total, but for some reason it’s missing?

@ben do you have any ideas?

Which variables do you have in: Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Details?

These are my settings in my local language (I’m not sure if I switch it to English whether my localization aka. “translated variables” will be remembered):

@ben Any updates on this? Thanks.

@david can you help with this?

Would it help if I provide any other info on this?

@hillel, @ben, @david:

Why is totals_table-subtotal printed twice within the totals-table-right-side (screenshot above) and how could I hide/remove the last occurrence of it? Thank you.

Can you please check the source of the PDF and paste the subtotal section (or whole source code)?

You can send it on ben[at]

Thanks Ben, I just sent you a PM here.
However, the storage/framework/laravel.log file seems obsolete (?) in your docs. Perhaps should be changed to storage/logs/laravel.log, since the former one does not exists on my server.

I just found another useful hint which may help to resolve this issue. There are 2 issues actually.

  1. The first issue is that the following menu option is NOT visible in a local (translated) Desktop mode using the resolution of 1920x1080px when you just opened Invoice Fields tab, which is an obvious UX flaw/bug and imo should be resolved by scrolling the menu items on hover:

    Settings > Invoice Design > Total Fields tab is NOT visible

All I had to do is to remove the Subtotal item at the bottom of the Total Fields, which I just did. Now I can see the issue is gone but only within the PDF PREVIEW mode (generated whilst adding Invoice items).

  1. The second issue is that even if I modified the Total Fields items, the changes are still not reflected on the Downloaded PDF. The generated Total Fields items are still the same as per my screenshot on Oct 1:

I use PhantomJS as SaaS for generating PDFs. Perhaps a caching issue?
How could I enforce the modified settings in the Total Fields to be visible at the downloaded PDF?