Disable 2FA from Command Line ~ Resolved

Halp!! :cry: My mobile device completely died rendering Google Authenticator completely unaccessible. I’ve searched for any documentation on how to disable 2FA via command line but I’m coming up empty handed.

Have you tried pulling google_2fa_secret out of the users table?

You could feed the secret into your your authenticator app &/or use something like http://katycomputer.com/totp to generate your six digit code.

In any event, save the secret next time - :slight_smile:


Here’s the SQL query to run:

update users set google_2fa_secret = null, remember_2fa_token = null where email = 'your_email';

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Thanks @hillel, you’re a lifesaver!

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Thanks @katycomputer, more of a case of recognizing how important it is to run a backup instance of Google Authenticator on another device