Custom Payment Gateway v5


On v4 I had setup a custom payment gateway which showed the sort code and account number together with the invoice reference number using the variable $number but the same does not seem to be working in v5 and instead of showing the invoice number it just shows $number?

@ben are we parsing the custom gateways text through the HTML engine prior to display?


I have treid this too and get the same result. I did a php artisan optimize to make sure that it is not a caching issue but still the placeholders are not filled with data.

Hey there, thanks for reporting this. Custom variables aren’t part of the custom gateway (yet). I’m adding this to my backlog, will update you once it is done!

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Hey there, pull request for this is in the review. You can track the progress, here:

Thanks once again for submitting such an awesome feature :tada:


Should these change be visible in version: v5.1.5 ?

Hi @DylanPedro

not yet, I guess they might come in 5.1.6. The commit in Github isn’t merged yet.


Hey guys, the pull request is merged. You can expect this in the next release :tada:

Thanks for submitting this!


I upgraded to 5.1.6 and the placeholders are available now. Thanks a lot for this nice feature.

I have tested these:

  • amount: $amount
  • balance: $balance
  • discount: $discount
  • number: $number
  • date: $date
  • due_date: $due_date
  • public_notes: $public_notes
  • terms: $terms
  • view_url: $view_url
  • view_link: $view_link

There are 3 left from the invoice settings that don’t work but I don’t see a need for them.

  • exchange_rate: $exchange_rate
  • po_number: $po_number
  • footer: $footer

@ben is it possible to use some IF-ELSE logic? Something like:
<-IF $amount == $balance ->Please pay the total invoice amount of $amount …
<-ELSE IF $amount > $balance ->Please pay the remaining amount of $balance …
<-END IF->


Happy you like this. I see what you saying for this if-else logic, but it’s not only my call. Let’s tag relevant people & see what they think.

@david @hillel what do you think of some syntax for if-else in custom drivers description?

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I think it’d be a great feature but we’d probably want a solution which could also work on the PDF.

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Sure thing! Can you please create a GitHub feature request to make sure we don’t lose it here? Thanks!